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Baltimore Police Officer Filmed Punching Man Is Charged With Felony AssaultTwo days after resigning from the Baltimore Police Department, a police

8/15/2018 5:02:10 AM

Paul Manafort's defense rests without presenting evidenceThe trial of President Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort is coming to a quieter than expected end.

8/14/2018 1:47:54 PM

Bernie Sanders Definitely Won Vermont’s Democratic Senate PrimarySen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) hasn't "won" a lot of the Democratic primaries

8/14/2018 6:12:37 PM

10 pieces to pack if you're planning a trip within your trip under $50From cross-country road trips to intercontinental excursions, it’s not out of

8/15/2018 4:01:00 AM

Sea-through: Amazing underwater gallery captures transparent 'aliens' of the deepImpressive images of these alien-like creatures were captured underwater — photographer Cai Songda is a keen diver and did not miss the chance to snap pictures of the unique “aliens.” Cai, who is from Manila, Philippines, went on several diving trips this year and ended up with this beautiful collection of sea creatures, most of them in the area of Anilao.Cai loves blackwater diving and photography; he uses special lighting to illuminate his photos, as they are all taken in deep, dark waters. ...

8/15/2018 7:54:15 AM

Relative: Family of 7 on vacation died in Oregon collisionPORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A family of seven, including five young children, died on a remote Oregon road in a head-on collision on their way to an end-of-summer vacation in Las Vegas, a family member said Wednesday.

8/15/2018 2:43:30 PM

Stranded Parrot 'Turns Air Blue' Cursing Out Firefighter During Rescue AttemptJessie the parrot was decidedly unimpressed when a firefighter came to rescue

8/15/2018 4:13:13 AM

Subaru Ascent Owners Will Get New Cars in RecallSubaru replaces nearly 300 cars that have compromised frames.

8/15/2018 12:23:00 PM

Judge threatened over granting bail for suspects in New Mexico compound caseThe courthouse was locked down after a backlash against the judge's decision culminated in threats.

8/15/2018 12:06:00 PM

These Are The Chilling Stories Of Abuse Covered Up By The Catholic ChurchFor decades, stories about clerical sexual abuse committed by Pennsylvania

8/15/2018 7:20:27 PM
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